We've been told that we have the purest Mangalitza herd in the UK based on commitment to uncrossed pedigree breeding in both colour and bloodline.  We have the three Mangalitza colours - swallow bellied (two boar and four sowlines), blonde (3 boar and 7 sowlines) and red (2 boar and 3 sowlines)

Our pigs enjoy a natural diet of locally sourced foods, recycled where possible, including whey, cheese, brewers’ grains, fruit and vegetables.  The diet is soya and GM-free.

We run an outdoor system, with pigs living in groups.  As in the wild, boars have their own territory - paddocks where sows are introduced to them for breeding. The sows farrow naturally outdoors in specially designed arks that give maximum protection to the piglets from being rolled upon by the sow.

Our meat pigs live for at least eighteen months.  This compares to 4-5 months for a modern indoor pig.  So all our pigs have a Christmas!

From Ronnie to Ruby, Barri to Bella, Seymoor to Skye… to us the pigs are personalities not numbers.

"All our pigs have a Christmas"

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